Internship - Rules and Regulations

1.0         Eligibility & Application:

 1.1         The student shall join the Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI)Programme at Collegiate Hospital after passing the Final Professional Examination. The student shall get temporary registration in the Medical Council which is a pre-requesit before starting the internship and a provisional certificate shall be issued from the university for the above purpose.

 1.2         The students should apply for the Internship on or before the date as per the Notification for starting Internship programme at the College along with following documents.

 1.2.1    Application (avail at college website)

 1.2.2    Final Year marklist (Copy applicable, only if the Marklist is not received from the University)

 1.2.3    First provisional Registration certificate (issued from Medical Council)

 1.2.4    First Provisional Degree Certificate (issued from KUHS)

 2.0         Details of Internship Training


2.1         Each candidate shall be required to undergo compulsory rotating internship of one year, after passing the inal BHMS Examinations, to the satisfaction of the Principal of the Homoeopathic College. Thereafter only, the candidate shall be eligible for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) by the University. All parts of the internship training shall be undertaken at the hospital attached to the College. Training outside college will be granted only with prior permission of the University

 2.2         The intern students shall not prescribe the treatment including medicines, and, each of them shall work under the direct supervision of Head of Department concerned. No intern student shall issue any medico-legal document under his/her signatures.

 2.3         The internship training shall be regulated by the Principal in consultation with concerned Heads of Departments and the Hospital Superintendent/RMO.

2.4          Each intern student shall be asked to maintain a record of work (Log Book) which is to be constantly monitored by the Head of concerned Department under whom the intern is posted.


2.4.1    The scrutiny of record shall be done in an objective way to update the knowledge, skill and aptitude of intern.

 a. Knowledge: Knowledge on clinical management of patients in terms of history taking, clinical examination, appropriate investigations, treatment options, recent advances, preventive and promotive aspects, and their limitations;

 b. Aptitude: Professionalism, empathy, compassion, participation in discussions, research aptitude

 c. Behavior: Behavior with patients, colleagues, nursing staff, and other health workers, team work:

 d. Communication: Communicate with the patients and relatives

 e. Professional Skills: Competency on performing medical and surgical procedures.

 f. Punctuality/ Responsibility: Coming on time, work up of cases, follow up of cases, involvement in treatment.

 2.4.2    The assessment of above clause is done with scores from 0 to 3 marks in each. A Score of less than 1 in any of above items will represent unsatisfactory completion of internship

 2.4.3    The entry in the log book must be countersigned by the supervisor daily.

 2.5         Dress Code :Male students should wear pants and shirts while the Female shall wear churidar or Saree. Both of them should have white apron during the duty.

 2.6         The stress during the internship training shall be on case taking, clinical diagnosis evaluation of symptoms, nosological and miasmatic diagnostic analysis, repertorisation and management of sick people based on principles of Homoeopathy. Weekly seminars shall be conducted wherein interns in rotation be given a chance to present their cases for discussion, and, concerned teachers shall assess performance of each of interns.

2.7         Rotation of intern-students shall be as under:




















































SURGERY (1 month)



COMMUNITY MEDICINE (including PHC/CHC) (1month)



2.8         Each intern shall be given exposed to clinico-pathology work to acquire skill in taking samples and doing routine blood - examination, blood smear for parasites, sputum examination, urine and stool examination. Students shall be trained to correlate laboratory findings with diagnosis and management of sick people.

 2.9         Each intern shall be given opportunities to learn the diagnostic techniques like x-rays, Ultrasonography, E.C.G., Spirometer and other forthcoming techniques and co-relate their findings with diagnosis and management of cases

 2.10      Each intern student shall be given adequate knowledge about issuing of medico-legal certificates including medical and fitness certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, court procedures and all of such legislation's be discussed which were taught in curriculum of Forensic Medicine.

 2.11      Each intern shall maintain records of 40 acute and 25 chronic cases complete in all manner including follow up in Practice of Medicine, record of 5 antenatal check- up and 3 delivery cases attended by him/her in Department records of 5 surgical cases assisted by him in the Surgery department, demonstration of knowledge of dressing and records of knowledge gained in Primary health Centers, Community Health Centers and various health programmes.

2.12      Each intern shall be posted on duty in such a manner that each of them attend at least 15 days in O.P.D. and 15 days in each month (except for duty in Community Medicine) and attend the other parts of duty including self-preparation in Library.

 2.12.1 Their duties shall be assigned by the concerned HODs and they shall also be given charge of patients admitted in the IPD and shall be responsible for maintaining the patient’s treatment records.

 2.13      Each intern-student shall be made to learn importance of maintaining statistics and records, intern-student shall also be familiarized with research-methodology.

 2.14      The resources and expertise of the clinical departments in the Homoeopathic subjects namely Materia Medica, Organon of Medicine and case taking & Repertory have to be utilized by the interns and they shall be given exposure in clinical pathology, physiotherapy, Forensic medicine  etc. while undergoing internship.

 2.15      Each Candidate shall complete the internship training at the maximum within a period of 24 months after passing the Final year examination.


3.0         Submission of Dissertation& Case Record

 3.1         The topic of the Dissertation shall be approved by the HODs of their first posting, and shall submit the synopsis within one month to the HOD/Guide. The completed dissertation, after the certification by the HOD/Guide shall be submitted at least 1 month prior to the completion of their Internship training.

 3.1.1    Minimum 2 copies of Dissertation should do book Bind (after the approval by the Guide) to submit at Department and the College.

 3.1.2   The facing should be as per the Annexure I

 3.1.3   MARGINS

 The following minimum margins are required:

 Left: 1.5 inch

 Right: 1 inch

 Top: 1 inch

 Bottom: 1 inch to the base of the page numbers. The text must be at least 1.25 inch from the bottom edge of the page.

 All text, captions, and figures (including charts, graphs, maps, tables,  and photographs) must be inside these margins. There are no exceptions.

 3.1.4    Title Page - Must show the month and year of your graduation. Only three months are acceptable: December for Fall graduation, May for Spring graduation, or August for Summer graduation. (Be sure and follow the format in sample 1 - no page number should be printed, but page i is assigned.)

 3.1.5   Signature Pages- At least two original must have the original signatures of the Principal, the Hospital Supdt and the Head of the Department in CERTIFICATE pages and the student in DECLARATION page.

3.1.6   Acknowledgements, Preface, or Foreword [Optional]

 3.1.7    Abstract – There should be only one abstract that summarizes the whole thesis/dissertation. The abstract must be double spaced and no longer than 350 words. There should not be additional abstracts at the beginning of individual chapters.

 3.1.8    Table of Contents – May be single spaced. All entries should match exactlywuth the corresponding headings and subheadings in the manuscript. The page number listed for each entry must be correct.

 3.1.9    Lists (Figures, Tables, Schemes, Acronyms, Abbreviations, etc.) - Optional. Be consistent in your format. Page numbers must be included for lists of figures and tables; otherwise, they are of no benefit to the reader. Note: all figures, tables, etc. must be incorporated in the text, and not put at the end of the manuscript.

 3.1.10 Body of the Dissertation

 Title / Paragraph Margin

                              • Chapter number and title should be centred

 • Subsection number should align with the left margin.

 • The first paragraph in a subsection should align with left margin

 Font Type:  Times New Roman (Preferably).

 Font size : 12 pt(for most of the document).

 Line spacing : 1.15pt or 1.5pt

 Project title: Uppercase, bold, centered 20pt to 26pt

 Chapter Title: Uppercase, Bold, Centered, 18pt.

 Chapter Sub-section: Sentence case, Bold, Align left, 14pt.

 3.1.11 References or Bibliography – May be single spaced. Be consistent in our bibliographic format. Putting references at the end of thethesis/dissertation is preferred; however you may put references at the end of each section/chapter as an alternative.

 3.2        Each intern should spiral bind the Case Record as per the clause 2.10 and countersigned & submit before the Hospital Supdt.


4.0         Issuance of Certificates

 4.1         A provisional pass certificate (Provisional Degree Certificate) shall be issued by KUHS on successful completion of the course and passing all the subjects, for temporary registration with the State Medical council in order to undergo the internship.

4.2         The Medical Council will issue a Provisional Registration certificate of minimum of One year to undergo Internship.

4.2.1    To enable the State Board/Council of Homoeopathy to grant provisional registration of minimum of one year to each candidate to undertake the internship, the University concerned shall issue a provisional passed certificate on passing the final BHMS examination to each successful candidate.

 4.2.2    Provided that in the event of shortage or unsatisfactory work, the period of compulsory internship and the provisional registration shall be accordingly extended by the State Board/Council.

 4.3         The Second provisional degree certificate shall be issued by KUHS after successful completion of the course nd passing all the subjects and internship. This provisional degree certificate has validity till the issue of the Degree certificate which shall be issued after the KUHS Convocation.

 4.4         The Degree Certificates shall be issued by KUHS only after successful completion of course, passing all the examinations and completing internship. The Degree shall be conferred to the successful candidate with the approval of the Governing Council during the KUHS Convocation for those who are present and to those who are permitted to remain absent.

 4.5         The Consolidated mark list from KUHS shall be issued upon request through Principal on remittance of required fee, specifying the number of chances availed by the students to successfully complete the course.


5.0         Leave and Extension of Internship Training

 5.1         Each intern shall have not less than 80% of attendance during the internship training in each of the departments. If he /she fail to attain 80% attendance in any of the above departments, he/she shall be given an extension posting as per the discretion of the HOD of the concerned department.

 5.2         Each intern is eligible for 20 days casual leave during the whole period of Internship.

 5.3         The Intern shall not be eligible for any other leaves other than casual leave. But in case of emergency due to medical or other reasons, the principal sanction Extra Ordinary Leave.

 5.3.1    The intern shall apply for EOL to Principal through the HODs of the concerned departments and Hospital Supdt, and the leave shall be sanctioned as per the sole discretion of the Principal.

5.3.2    Provided that such an application reaches Principal before or within 5 days after the commencement of the leave.

 5.3.3    Provided that the intern shall be given extension posting to complete the period of EOL, after the regular posting.

 5.4         In case of unauthorized absence, the intern shall undergo an extension posting, for each day of absence he/she has to undergo an extension posting for 3days without stipend in the department where he/she was absent.

 5.5         For the extension posting, the intern shall submit the Second Provisional Registration Certificate from the council.(Above Clause 4.2.2)

 5.6         The Extension period should not exceed the date which is 24 months from the date of passing the Final Year Examination.

 5.7         If the Intern fails to submit the dissertation within the stipulated time, his/her internship shall be treated as incomplete and date of completion shall be the date of submission of the dissertation. His/her internship shall be extended until the submission of dissertation and no stipend shall be paid during the period.


6.0         Transfer during Internship

 1.1         Transfer to other institutions within and outside the University shall not be allowed under normal circumstances during the course of study.



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