The Collegiate Hospital is having strength of 100 beds. The main function of the hospital is giving proper medical aid. This hospital is provided with well-equipped clinical and research laboratories to do various investigations. The following facilities are available:

1.    Clinical Laboratory 

2.    Digital X Ray

3.    ECG

4.    Ultra Sound &Color Doppler Scan

5.    Physiotherapy unit

6.    Critical care unit

7.  Community medicine OP (Community medicine dept. is incorporated with REACH - Rapid Action Epidemic Control in Homoeopathy - formed by the Govt. for the preventive works in epidemicsm)

8.    Pain & Palliative Care Ward

9.    ENT unit and facilities for video endoscopy

Clinical training to undergraduate and postgraduate students is imparted here. Internees are posted here in rotation in different departments. The 8 clinical departments functioning in this hospital on regular basis

1.    Organon of Medicine 

2.    Materia Medica

3.    Case taking and Repertorisation

4.    Practice of Medicine

5.    Obstetrics and Gynecology 

6.    Surgery

7.    Community medicine

8.    Research OP

9.    Geriatric OP

10. Life style disease control and prevention OP

11. Pediatric OP

12. Cosmetic Dermatology OP

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